It takes a lot of bravery to quit your day job and start something new. Fortunately for PR and marketing firm Favour the Brave, they have bravery in spades, and a meeting with Venture Taranaki business advisor Jane Moffitt helped with the other aspects of business.

The company was launched in June 2018 by Hannah and Jaron Mumby, and while they had experience running a business, they wanted to ensure Favour the Brave was set up to make it easy and enjoyable to run and provided a foundation they could build on.

“We met with Jane in the early stages and it was an extremely enlightening meeting,” Hannah says. “Jane asked questions that stretched our thinking around the ideas and planning we already had in place.”

Following the meeting, Favour the Brave utilised Venture Taranaki’s Capability Development programme to work closely with Schurr Ireland Chartered Accountants’ Business Advisory programme.

“Through the business coaching we reviewed where we are at and where we’ve come from, and ensure we have sound plans in place to foster further growth.”

“It can be easy to think you’ve got everything covered, but there's no denying the value an external view can add to your business. We are very grateful for this opportunity.”

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