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Regional Skills

Venture Taranaki works closely with Central Government, Local Councils and Industry to help meet the region's future skills needs.

Despite unemployment being consistently lower and GDP being consistently higher than the national average over the past ten years, economic growth in the Taranaki region has been constrained by the lack of labour, let alone skills.

Venture Taranaki works hard to attract skilled and semi-skilled labour to the region to help alleviate problems employers are experiencing when trying to find staff for their growing businesses. Venture Taranaki supports Department of Labour’s Buy, Make, Fix model for economic transformation, and has its own Talented Taranaki Strategy.

One of Venture Taranaki’s core roles is to collaborate with a range of industry and government agencies, at both national and local level, to help address and alleviate regional skills shortages. Several projects have been completed over the past few years to highlight and correct problems within specific industries.

Taranaki's unemployment rate generally trends lower than the New Zealand average, but regional growth relies on meeting current and future skills needs. A holistic approach to attracting skilled people, and retaining those we already have in the region, is based on a package of lifestyle, tourism, investment, migrant attraction and employment development initiatives.
Venture Taranaki developed and maintains a free regional jobs website for this purpose, offering employers and job seekers a central portal of Taranaki-based opportunities, as well as information on what it is like to live & work in this beautiful region. 

Visit Live & Work to register as a Job Seeker; create a profile, apply for jobs and get email notifications of new jobs posted in your industry or as an Employer to search through registered candidates, get notifications of new Job Seekers in your industry and contact them directly. All at no cost to you.

If you live outside New Zealand and are thinking of moving to New Zealand let us know. We can help you find suitable work as well as provide useful information on what it's really like to live here, and signpost you to relevant immigration and settlement agencies.

It's now easier than ever to move around the world, and modern communications channels mean it's simple to stay in touch with the folks back home. For these reasons, and the incredible environment and lifestyle that Taranaki offers, the region is attracting many bright new immigrants, and is becoming an increasingly dynamic and vibrant community as a result. 

Venture Taranaki is also committed to helping local businesses find, attract and retain the skilled people the region needs to continue growing. If you are a Taranaki employer looking to grow your staff, contact us today to see how the team and its resources can help your business.

Our Swap Sides campaign www.swapsides.co.nz targets skilled people from around the world, while the [Re]discover campaign www.rediscover.taranaki.info looks to help New Zealand and Taranaki expats find their way back to Taranaki's lifestyle.

You and your business are encouraged to be part of these campaigns by sharing the artwork and video with your networks as well as adding the artwork to your website. See below for the relevant links.

If you would like more information or discuss how Venture Taranaki's tools, including the Lifestyle Toolkit, jobs website, talent attraction campaigns or offshore events can help your business, give Carrie Thorne a call on 00 64 6 759 5158 or email carrie@venture.org.nz

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Visit the Swap Sides website 
Visit the [Re]discover Taranaki website
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