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Future of Work 2016
What does the future of New Zealand’s work place look like?

What are the implications and opportunities for Taranaki and its employers?

The Future of Work event, held in New Plymouth on 23rd June 2016, brought together experts in the field for a discussion around how Taranaki might confront the changing nature of work to achieve the region’s strategic goals.

Change is constant, and the pace of that change is increasing. Global trends across technology, security of work and income, education, training, lifelong learning and sustainability will change the way people work. This, in turn, will affect business in Taranaki and New Zealand. Employers need to be prepared.

Helping Taranaki businesses understand the changing nature of work, workplaces and the workforce is vital for sustainable growth and prosperity into the future was a key objective of the conference, which sought to progress the regional strategy goal of creating:

“A regional culture where innovation, talent and lifelong learning are valued, and ensure that Taranaki businesses have the skills to support current and future needs.”

The Future of Work brought together a range of experts and thought leaders in research, human resources and policy around workforce changes, to inform, educate, inspire and spark conversation on the ever-changing nature and world of work, and provide a forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges that will help shape Taranaki’s future.

View the conference programme and presentations below, or for more information contact Venture Taranaki on 06 759 5158 or carrie@venture.org.nz
  Future of Work conference photos  

Future of Work Programme 790kb
Presentation 1: Stuart Trundle
Chief Executive, Venture Taranaki
Presentation 2: Associate Professor Gail Pacheco
New Zealand Work Research Institute, AUT
Presentation 3: Professor Richard Shaw
Massey University
Presentation 4: Paul Stocks
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Presentation 5: Grant Robertson
Grant Robertson Member of Parliament for Wellington Central Future of Work Commission
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