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Food Futures Taranaki 2016
Opportunities for developing Taranaki’s food sector, presented by Massey University in partnership with Venture Taranaki.

22 January 2016, Devon Hotel, New Plymouth

This one-day conference is the first in a series of agri/agrifood conferences being organised by Massey University and Venture Taranaki for Taranaki that will explore opportunities and challenges for our region’s primary production sector.

Food Futures Taranaki 2016 provided case studies, information and guidance for those interested in Taranaki’s Food and Beverage sector development. It showcased a range of agrifood innovation stories and resources and sought to grow the conversation and confidence of the Taranaki community around less-traditional agrifood ventures, highlighting the wider breadth of potential agrifood business opportunities that could complement our current dairy/beef focus.

Download the conference programme and presentations below.

Event media:


Food Futures Taranaki 2016 - Conference Flier 336kb
Food Futures Taranaki 2016 - Conference Programme 630kb
Presentation 1. Born Global - Mark Ward 11MB
Presentation 2. Innovating in the Maori Agribusiness Sector - Jamie Tuuta 3MB
Presentation 3. Sheep and Goat Dairying - Craig Prichard, Maddi Brown, Joanie Williams 4MB
Presentation 4: Industry Showcase - Van Dyck Fine Foods (abridged) - Ben Clare 11MB
Presentation 5. Food Processing Technologies and Food Innovation - Richard Archer 2MB
Presentation 6. Foods for Health - Peter Lehrke 2MB
Presentation 7. Paying Attention to our Food Export Value - Bronwyn Muir 1MB
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