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Food Futures Taranaki 2
Food Futures Taranaki returned in October, building on the January event with even more insight and opportunity. 

Since January 2016’s Food Futures event, many in Taranaki have joined the conversation around opportunities for developing Taranaki’s food sector.  This second event in the series aims to build on the first and further grow Taranaki's contribution of good and diverse food products for a growing New Zealand and world population.

Many potential stakeholders in this important industry sector have found it challenging to know what to grow or make, how to leverage an idea for maximum value, and what you need to know before you start. 

Now is the time for Taranaki and its producers to ‘step up to the plate,’ even if we’re not quite ready to hit the home run. This event presented people who have worked their way up from the bench to getting real runs on the board, including some great success stories within our own region.

Presenters shared their thinking, information and experiences to help guide emerging producers through developing new food businesses, food products, and markets, highlighting resources within Taranaki and beyond that are available to assist new ventures.

Media coverage of Food Futures II

Download the Event Programme 2MB
1. Food Futures II - Opening Address 2MB
3. Richard Jones - Collaborative Pathways 3MB
4. Rob Simcic ANZ - Revised F&B Sector Insights 2MB
5. MPI - Food Safety and Export Insights 808kb
6. Rebecca Smith NZ Story - The Power of the NZ Brand 4MB
7. Craig Prichard - Sheep Dairying 27MB
8. Richard Archer Massey University - Co-Products 1MB
9. Brett Mascull - Barton Holdings 3MB
10. Jo & David James - BeGin Distilling 3MB
11. Jane Liu NZTE - Cross Border E-Commerce Business Models 857kb
12. Venture Taranaki presentation 856kb
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