Social Procurement

What is social procurement? How is is emerging in NZ and who is part of the push for action?

Social and sustainable procurement is a hot topic in Aotearoa-NZ as the public and private sector looks to drive positive outcomes through expenditure. What is social procurement? How is it emerging in NZ and who is part of the push for action? What are the opportunities and challenges?
Social procurement is of relevance to both the public sector and private sector, particularly as the NZ Government mandates 'broader outcomes' in procurement. Taranaki, alongside many regions across NZ, are exploring how a regional approach to procurement could be used to deliver positive social, cultural and environmental outcomes. 
Dr Seán Barnes is the Director of Social Procurement at the Ākina Foundation, an impact development organisation. Seán is nationally recognised expert in social procurement who advises across the private sector, local government and the NZ Government and is supporting social enterprises to grow to meet increasing market opportunities.
This one hour webinar will cover:
  • The essentials of social procurement,
  • The Aotearoa-NZ context and 
  • Who is part of the changing story of procurement
  • The drivers, opportunities and challenges of social procurement.
The session will also include Q+A so bring your questions, challenges and queries for discussion.

Thu 06 Aug, 4:00 PM


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