Learn about marketing automation

Automate Your Business With Marketing Automation.

5:30-7:30PM OCTOBER 2018
Marketing automation is here to stay. It's estimated that 80% of businesses will be using marketing automation as a key part of their marketing by 2020. (that's not very long away!)
We personally love how it helps you stay in touch and connected with leads, contacts, and clients, helping you build relationships with ease.
Automation is far more than setting up a free E Book download and getting people to sign up to a mailing list (though that's a great start)
This introductory session to Marketing Automation will include:
What marketing automation is (we don't use jargon!)
How it can benefit businesses of all sizes
What you can automate
Tips for getting started
Suggestions for platforms and solutions
Automation in action
Points to consider before jumping in

This event is brought to you by the team at Identify Marketing and The Marketing Toolbox.

We love working with small businesses around New Zealand, to help them improve their marketing. Our focus is on education, setting up marketing for those who need it, and training people in how to use the right tools for their business.

We provide training and support to small business owners across New Zealand in these events, to help upskill, as part of our desire to help you, and your team, feel more confident in using effective digital marketing and marketing automation

We’re all about the content, and the value.

Wed 31 Oct, 5:30 p.m.

Waterfront Hotel, 1 Egmont Street, New Plymouth

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