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Sustainability is a key part of business success and incorporates financial sustainability as well as environmental and social ethics. 

Sustainable development is widely acknowledged as development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. 

It can have many benefits to your business beyond helping the environment, including saving you money and providing your business with a source of competitive advantage. As markets are becoming more consumer driven, the trend to be environmentally friendly influences consumers to buy products and services from businesses who take the environment into consideration.

There are numerous tools and websites to assist you make changes to your business to ensure it is still around in the future and doesn’t damage the environment in the process.

Learn how to reduce your businesses impact on the environment and save money.

Sustainable Business Network

This is a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences for businesses interested in sustainable development practice.

Energy and Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA)
The EECA helps New Zealanders at home and in business understand and overcome barriers to energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.

Envirostep is a free online resource designed to help small businesses to understand, improve & communicate their environmental performance. It can also be used by larger organisations to assess the performance of their branches, suppliers or members.

The Ministry for the Environment have created a 'How to' guide on becoming environmentally sustainable. Making use of this resource could not only help the environment, but also save your business money!


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