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Improve Your Business

Once you have started up your business you need to get it running well to best prepare it for growth. To improve your business there are options including business support with a mentor, or up skilling to improve your business by undergoing some management training.

Training – how to get it and where to find it?

Undergoing training enables you to up skill, giving you the ability to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Venture Taranaki
Training vouchers are now available for small businesses to help them build their business capabilities. To find out what is available visit the Business Training web page
or call Jane Moffitt on (06) 759 5152.

Get a business mentor

As a small business you can access experienced and successful business people who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge to help your business grow and develop. 

For more information about this programme and how you can get your own mentor visit the Business Mentoring web page
or call Kayleen Schoeman on (06) 759 5163.


Networking enables you to form contacts in the region which can be potential business prospects.

Venture Taranaki
Contact Venture Taranaki to find out about associations, industry events and networking opportunities in the region.
Call Venture Taranaki on 06 759 5150 or visit Taranaki House.

Taranaki Chamber of Commerce
Taranaki Chamber of Commerce offers a wide range of support to its members from business advice to events and networking.
Visit the TCC website
 or call 06 759 9080.


Sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important in business.
There are a growing number of resources available to help your business become more sustainable.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a sustainably business, and helpful tips to implement sustainable practices into your business visit our Sustainability web page.




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