Six local food producers will be representing the region at the Auckland Food Show 2019.

Taranaki is often stereotyped as a traditional production-oriented dairy farming and processing region, but we’ve started to catch the attention of national and international consumers, experts and investors thanks to the evolution and expansion of our food industry and the rapidly growing pool of innovative companies contributing to it.

In support of this, Venture Taranaki is once again working with a collective of local food producers to showcase the region at the Auckland Food Show, July 25-28. The show attracts the who’s who of the culinary world: trade, celebrity chefs and over 30,000 visitors - and we have secured a prime spot, our own zone: the Taste of Taranaki Collective.

The collective includes local gin distillers Juno, craft brewers Three Sisters, Marcels Pancakes, Texas BBQ Foods, Naki Honey and Kaitahi Native Superfoods.

“These producers reflect the growing depth and diversity of our local food industry”, says Venture Taranaki Chief Executive, Justine Gilliland.

“The creation of innovative, distinctive food products that capitalise on global trends and changing consumer tastes is a real growth opportunity for the region and our future, and these diverse food producers are a great example of this opportunity.”

Future Foods, or the creation of high-value branded food items, offer significant growth potential for the Taranaki region, and Venture Taranaki is supporting this and the diversification of the local food industry in many ways.
“There has never been a more important time for our food industry, and it is an industry we can feel proud of” says Anne Probert, GM Economy & Sector Development.

“Our food companies give passion and momentum to our local food movement; their innovations are creating jobs and catching the attention of national and global consumers, and their agility in the face of change is pivotal as we look ahead and transition towards a low emission future”.

Venture Taranaki’s support of the food industry ranges from the Taranaki Honey Collective, which was formed in 2016, and whose primary purpose is to build a strong local honey industry through collaboration.

Other initiatives include the development of publications, such as Taranaki on a Plate, which celebrates our growing range of food companies. Venture Taranaki has also built strong relationships to support innovation and R&D with the likes of Callaghan Innovation and Massey University, and through the agency’s business advisory services has been able to facilitate some real impact in the food production space.

Earlier this year Juno Gin was able to collaborate with Massey University after receiving an R&D grant through Venture Taranaki and courtesy of Callaghan Innovation that allowed them to experiment with new and innovative flavours and flavour combinations – this led to the development of a new gin, their seasonal Summer 2019 gin that recently took home a gold medal in the inaugural New Zealand Spirit Awards.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to support, connect and expand our food industry, and our attendance at the Auckland Food Show is a great innovative example of this” said Gilliland.

Food production is serious business in Taranaki, contributing $1.2Billion to our economy and circa 10,000 jobs (from farm or orchard to food processing). That is one in five Taranaki jobs are involved in the primary sector through to food production.

The aim is to showcase Taranaki on the national stage as a food region, provide our up and coming producers with brand exposure, and allow them the opportunity to forge inroads with their national and international distribution channels, and gain important feedback from consumers.

The Taste of Taranaki Collective can be found at stand N16, and more information on the Auckland Food Show and its exhibitors can be found by visiting