Anyone with a keen interest in Taranaki’s thriving custom and performance car scene will have seen a Steven Sole Customs sticker on some of the region’s best-looking cars. Behind this now iconic sticker, and the flawless paint, is a small business driven by a couple passionate about delivering a great product.

“We really strive to provide our customers with top quality paint finishes on anything they want painted, panel-beaten, repaired or generally spruced up,” says Michelle Sole.
“We cover the full range of spray painting and sand blasting services, for anything right up to trucks.”
And while business is booming, the saying ‘quality can’t be rushed’ is particularly true when it comes to the preparation and processes required to achieve the perfect finish.
“Time is one of the biggest challenges we have in the business, and having enough time to get everything done. That and a shortage of experienced and qualified staff, which is hitting the whole industry,” Michelle says.
To help them find more time, Michelle and Steven turned to the Business Mentoring programme, delivered locally by Venture Taranaki, recommended by their accountant Philip Macey.
“Working with a business mentor has really helped us focus on planning for the business’s growth, communicating across our team, and looking at all of our internal processes including health and safety.”
“Having someone to call and bounce ideas off to ensure you’re on the right track has been really helpful. Our mentor has opened our eyes to so many different tools and strategies that have enabled us to tackle the challenges that we, and our industry, are facing,” Michelle says.
“The mentor scheme through Venture Taranaki and Business Mentors is such a helpful tool for small to medium business. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to progress and expand within their industry.”
Steven Sole Customs has now set its sights on expanding in to different areas of the industry, and with help from their business mentor, look more set to get there.
Find out more about Business Mentoring here