A passion for art and helping people access contemporary New Zealand artworks drove Catherine Rhodes to open Anderson Rhodes Gallery in early 2018.

“I connect people with art, both in their lives and in their homes, but a big part of what the gallery does is promoting the practice of contemporary New Zealand artists,” Catherine says.
“My role works both ways – helping people discover, experience and collect fine art, but also helping artists grow their career through exhibiting their work and building their profile both locally and nationally.”
“Art is a niche market that is often seen as exclusive. This presents a big challenge to a new business, but there is a rich and supportive creative sector here in Taranaki, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be fostering that sector.”
While extensive experience in art galleries, events and institutions around the world meant Catherine was well versed in dealing with navigating the vagaries of the art world, she turned to the Business Mentor programme for help developing the administrative side of the business.
“Working with a mentor has given me dozens of really fabulous ideas to work with, some of which I’ve implemented as is and they’ve made a difference to the business, while others I’m adapting to the gallery model,” says Catherine.
“My mentor’s ability to think 'outside the square' and challenge some of the assumptions and thinking I had behind the business has been just what I needed.”
“Being able to get really valuable and honest feedback on my business from a person with no vested interest or motive other than a desire to give back and help me succeed is fantastic. It’s a really valuable resource, and Venture Taranaki needs to be recognised for the work they do to make it available to local businesses.”
“I feel incredibly grateful for my mentor's support, clear head, enthusiasm and brilliant ideas.”