With more than two decades of experience in dog behaviour, celebrated former Police dog handler Nick Wilson is clearly passionate about his business Dogs 4 Life. As a dog behaviour specialist, Nick works with dogs and dog owners throughout the North Island to help dogs to be the best they can be and educate dog owners so they can advocate for their dogs in all environments.

“A lot of dogs come from less than ideal environments or have been placed in situations that have created behaviour issues for them,” Nick says.
“I work with the dog and their owners to modify the dog’s behaviour to make the dog more confident, less anxious, and able to cope in situations where they have struggled.”
“The results can be very rewarding for the dog owner, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it too.” 
Looking to grow his business and achieve his vision of becoming New Zealand’s top dog behaviour and training specialist, Nick signed up for Business Mentor programme through Venture Taranaki.
“As it is just myself in the business, time management was one of my biggest challenges. I have to be disciplined to ensure that everything is completed including reports and paperwork to clients each day, as well as all the longer-term aspects of running a business, such as marketing.” 
Having a mentor helped Nick look closely at his consultations, resulting in a change in how he structures the meetings to deliver a more valuable client experience and to make better use of time.
“I’ve also learnt to become a lot more scientific in relation to my marketing strategies, learning where I was getting return on my investment.”
“The best part about having a Mentor is that I always have someone to bounce ideas off and to talk business with. My Mentor is fantastic and has helped me to take my business to the next level,” Nick says.
“If you are thinking about entering this programme I cannot speak highly enough of it. The Business Mentor Programme has exceeded all of my expectations.”