Stratford’s Stephanie Haughey launched her business Wellness From Within with the vision of helping people improve their wellbeing. But finding it challenging to get word out and growing the business to help more people, Stephanie turned to the Business Mentors programme.

“I heard about Venture Taranaki from a friend who was new in business. They had used the start-up services and found them really useful,” Stephanie says.

After meeting with Venture Taranaki’s mentor advisor Kayleen, Stephanie was matched with an experienced Business Mentor.

“The best thing about having a mentor was the accountability that comes with it,” Stephanie says.

“Working for myself and by myself, there was nobody pushing me to keep doing the work required to grow, and I found it easy to get complacent. Knowing that I have a meeting with my mentor coming up really motivates me to progress the things we have discussed.”

Stephanie has used the relationship with her mentor to create a business plan which identified areas she needed help to master, and new technologies to boost her customer communication. It also shifted her outlook from the present to the future of the business.

“It’s been really valuable to understand where I want Wellness From Within to go in the future. As a result, I’m really refining the services I offer to my customers, and I’m really excited about where I’m heading.”

“It's just great to have someone to talk to about how things are going, how I'm feeling, and any ideas I have,” says Stephanie.

“A mentor has given me someone to bounce ideas off who understands my business but isn’t involved in the day to day running of it. It’s great to have that fresh perspective.”