My Honesty Box is a software platform and app that makes cashless transactions easier for small vendors.

It suits purchases where EFTPOS facilities or even the vendor may not be present.  A customer scans a QR code with a smart phone app to make a payment. 

“It was clear that the opportunity was not being addressed and it appealed to me because we enjoy the experience of shopping at small produce stands” explained David.  “In a cashless society it becomes more of a struggle for those types of small retailers.  We see value in enabling commerce for those community businesses.”

The platform consists of three components; a backend system that is used for registering users and vendors and providing the necessary APIs; a website that can be used by vendors to create their stores and provide details about their products and services; and a cross-platform mobile app that is used by customers to access the stores and purchase the offered goods and services.

As My Honesty Box was created around new technology, an understanding of whether the concept infringed existing protected intellectual property (IP) such as patents was an advantage.  Patents and other forms of IP can provide a legal monopoly for inventors.  Trading without conflicting with these rights is sometimes termed as having freedom to operate.

David worked with Kristian Slack of InnovIQ to understand the pre-existing competitive landscape for his technology.  David’s view was that “It was important that we understood what the risks were, being aware of some ‘horror stories’ of patent trolls.”

With the workshops from InnovIQ being registered on the RBP Capability Development Voucher Scheme, Venture Taranaki were able to help arrange for David’s company to receive a 50% contribution to the new skills training.
The Capability Voucher Funding helps business owners to access business training and coaching services, by providing them with up to a 50% subsidy towards the registered service cost. The funding is one of the services available through Venture Taranaki.   Discussing the support, David said “I was aware of the Voucher Scheme but previously hadn’t seen the available training as relevant.  Kristian is a great resource to have available locally.  It was really good to be able to talk face-to-face.  The process to obtain co-funding was straightforward and, from our perspective, a no-brainer.” 

To learn more about the RBP Capability Development Voucher Scheme co-funding, contact your local Regional Business Partner, Venture Taranaki at: or phone 0800 VENTURE.