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8th September 2011 01:17am
Venture Taranaki is to undertake a major economic development study of State Highway 3, to help inform policy decisions around the road’s long-term future.
“Our community has consistently identified State Highway 3 as a constraint to growth and connectedness. We’re responding to that feedback with a factual report into the economic development impacts of the route,” says Venture Taranaki Chief Executive Stuart Trundle.
“Venture Taranaki’s role, as the region’s economic development agency, is to provide informed and robust information to assist decision makers on the significance of this route.”
“We are looking to move beyond anecdotal feedback and existing traffic figures to look at the hard data around the route, providing a strategic economic analysis.”
“State Highway 3 is of strategic importance to Taranaki, and a key route in ensuring agricultural, oil and gas and other products important to the regional and national economy can reach national and international markets.”
Venture Taranaki has commissioned NZIER, in association with BECA, to assist with the analysis. NZIER are nationally recognised for their independent, authoritative economic advice and have a strong presence in the transport sector. Beca have familiarity with the engineering aspects of the SH3 route.
“As with other recent economic studies, such as The Wealth Beneath Our Feet, we will be looking to deliver this to a range of national stakeholders.”
“This report will be a step in the process to Taranaki being better connected with the national economy, and our neighbouring regions.”
“All long journeys must start with a single step, and in our region’s collective bid to gain better roading connections, getting robust and comprehensive economic data is that first step,” Stuart said.
The report is expected to be completed in early 2012 and can help inform intergenerational investment decision making.

  Economic development study of State Highway 3  
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