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30th June 2017 03:15am

Each year, Venture Taranaki prepares a report to show where NZTE Capability Development Voucher funding is spent in Taranaki, broken down by industry sectors and training type, and expressed as a percentage of total regional budget.

The data is further broken down by region, in order to show the difference in training demands between New Plymouth District, Stratford and South Taranaki.  Data from Stratford is a always a very small sample, making any year-on-year comparison of industries and training types largely meaningless.  However, it is broadly consistent with the data collected for South Taranaki, and for this reason these two districts are amalgamated.

This report is intended to provide NZTE registered training providers and other service providers working in Taranaki with information they may use to identify market opportunities and refine their service offering.   

  Capability Development Voucher Spend  

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