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The Value of Rugby to Taranaki report

Value of rugby to Taranaki recognised.

The value that the sport of rugby brings to the Taranaki region has been identified for the first time in a groundbreaking report.

The report, commissioned by Venture Taranaki and the Taranaki Rugby Football Union, found that rugby is worth $7.4 million to Taranaki’s GDP, that major rugby events contribute from $0.4 to $1.2 million to the region, and that the Rugby World Cup matches could be worth $5.2 million to Taranaki. 

But the report found that the total contribution of the sport extends far beyond the financial impact.

More than 5,500 people - over 5 percent of the region’s population – either play, coach or referee rugby in Taranaki. Over 90 organisations participate in rugby competition, and the sport is particularly strong in the younger age grades. 

Rugby makes a significant contribution to Taranaki’s pride, status and reputation and raises the region’s profile on the national stage. The sport is deeply integrated into our regional identity, spirit and our can-do attitude.

“This is the first time a report of this type has been conducted in New Zealand,” says Venture Taranaki Chief Executive Stuart Trundle.

“While it began as an economic impact analysis, the report quickly revealed that rugby was far more deeply integrated into the Taranaki community, with a broad social impact.”

“Over the last year Taranaki has held its first All Blacks test, successfully bid for three Rugby World Cup matches, and put in a credible bid to host the 15th Super  Rugby franchise. This report provides a context for this activity and investment,”
Stuart says.

Taranaki Rugby Union Chief Executive Mark Robinson is also welcoming the report, and looking at the opportunities that it identifies for the sport in the region.

“This research reinforces the importance of rugby to the Taranaki community. Quantifying the impact of rugby enables us to engage the community in ensuring that Taranaki maintains a place in the top echelon of New Zealand rugby.”

“Taranaki rugby is well placed to take advantage of the many changes that are predicted around domestic and international rugby in the near future,” says Mark.

“The report creates a strong foundation for us to continue developing the Union and the game here, and making the most of new opportunities such as building new revenue streams like the Farm Project or hosting the next Super Rugby franchise.”


Value of Rugby to Taranaki
Report summary and full report into the value of rugby to Taranaki. Please note, the full report is over 7mb.
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