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Taranaki Regional Visitor Strategy 2010-2019
Making Taranaki the preferred place to live, work and visit in order to achieve our population target of 135,000 by 2035.

Taranaki's Regional Visitor Strategy 2010-2019 updates the 2004 document and sets a forward direction for the region's visitor industry. 

When the first strategy was developed, Taranaki was still defining its place in the New Zealand and international tourism marketplace. While the region had much to offer, that strategy focused on helping Taranaki improve its marketing and build capacity in the 

It has been successful. Since then Taranaki has grown in confidence and capability when it comes to ensuring that we can attract visitors and meet their needs. Signs of this are everywhere. Since 2004 the number of Qualmark approved tourism operators has risen from just one to more than 50. Taranaki’s visitor number growth
regularly outshines the national average and many new products have successfully entered the market. The Taranaki Regional Visitor Strategy celebrates and builds upon these solid foundations.

The Taranaki visitor industry is constantly competing against the rest of New Zealand and the rest of the world in terms of attracting visitors at many levels – their attention, their custom, and their glowing recommendation. We are also competing to attract and retain the ideas, people and businesses that will grow the sector
and ensure that it continues to make a positive contribution to the regional economy. Tourism is New Zealand’s largest export earner, and the vision must be to grow the sector to have the same importance for Taranaki.

Looking forward
This Strategy will enable the region to remain competitive in
this changeable industry and manage both the challenges and opportunities that will arise for the benefit of Taranaki. 

The Strategy’s aim is for a more competitive, stronger and
sustainable Taranaki visitor sector that offers an experience built around Taranaki’s unique attributes – its landscape, its people, its history and its stories.

The Strategy is naturally ambitious, but so is Taranaki
Our visitor
sector and our business community have always exhibited great energy, creativity and passion. We must now ensure that this is aligned in a common direction and that our efforts are focused towards a shared outcome. It is time for action.

Creating a desirable Taranaki is critical to building positive perceptions that Taranaki is a great place to live and work.
Achieving this is heavily reliant on attracting visitors, giving them the information and tools to experience the best of the region and ensuring we have the products and services to meet their needs and expectations. In doing so, it will enable them to become ambassadors for the Taranaki region.

To achieve the vision of a truly desirable Taranaki, every member of our visitor industry must adopt this Strategy, as they and the entire region have the opportunity to benefit from a stronger and more sustainable Taranaki visitor industry. 


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Taranaki Regional Visitor Strategy 2010-2019
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