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Retail Statistics
Venture Taranaki has commissioned comprehensive retail statistics to help understanding of the value of the retail sector in the region, key trends, performance and opportunities.

Intended to help retail businesses and community decision makers get a full and current overview of retail, the analysis was independently undertaken for Venture Taranaki by Marketview, utilising Paymark and BNZ card data: EFTPOS, credit and debit expenditure in the region, by Taranaki card holders.

The reports summarise the data across 6-month periods, and compare to previous period. They include:
  • Retail spending – an overview
  • Taranaki analysis by district – South Taranaki, New Plymouth District, Stratford and regional comparisons
  • New Plymouth District precinct analysis – CDB, urban area and rest of district
  • Online spending in Taranaki

The information will help answer questions and inform decision making around aspects of retail including:
  • How much is being spent at retail merchants in the region and its districts
  • Increases or declines in retail spending
  • What people are spending the most money on, and where
  • How much is spent in New Plymouth’s CBD as opposed to Waiwhakaiho/Bell Block retail zone
  • How expenditure at retail merchants compares across the three Taranaki Districts
  • How much residents spend in Taranaki, and in each district, and what the spend outside the region
  • What's being spent in online transactions

Venture Taranaki will release updated retail data every six months.


Taranaki Retail Statistics and Online Spending - Jan-Jun 2017 2MB
Taranaki Retail Statistics and Online Spending - Jul-Dec 2016 2MB
Taranaki Retail Statistics and Online Spending - Jan-Jun 2016 1MB
South Taranaki Retail Statistics - July to December 2015 744kb
Stratford District Retail Statistics - July to December 2015 1MB
New Plymouth District Retail Statistics - July to December 2015 2MB
Taranaki Retail Statistics - Jan-Jun 2015 2MB
Online Spending Activity - Jan-Jul 2015 893kb
Taranaki Retail Statistics - Jul-Dec 2014 1MB
Online Spending Activity - Jul-Dec 2014 678kb
Taranaki District Activity - Jan-Jun 2014 2MB
New Plymouth Precinct Activity - Jan-Jun 2014 2MB
Online Spending Activity - Jan-Jun 2014 932kb
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