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Maori in the Taranaki Economy: An Economic Profile

14 August 2008 

Maori in Taranaki contribute around $459 million every year to regional GDP and have the potential to contribute much more, a groundbreaking report reveals.

Maori in the Taranaki Region: An Economic Profile, a report commissioned by the Venture Taranaki Trust and Tui Ora Limited and undertaken by Wellington-based Business and Economic Research Limited, has found that the measurable Māori asset base in Taranaki is almost $768 million.

"For years Maori business in Taranaki has been limited by a fragmented approach to development. With this report we have looked at the whole contribution of the Maori economy for the first time," Tui Ora Chief Executive Hayden Wano said.

"This holistic snapshot has shown us that Maori business has come of age, and there are many opportunities from which to grow and collaborate with the wider business community."

"The real value in this research is that we now have a line in the sand from which to move forward. While Taranaki's history has had a significant impact, we must now look to the future to ensure the legacy we leave will make a positive difference for all our future generations," Hayden said.

As a resource, the report identifies and discusses the assets of Taranaki Maori, and forms the basis of a strategy for leveraging and enhancing Maori economic development in the region.

The report recommends several paths for that development to take, including:
• stronger iwi collaboration
• better utilization of Maori land assets
• recognizing the cultural significance of Parihaka
• developing a greater Maori-based cultural tourism infrastructure
• better alignment with the powerhouse industries in the Taranaki economy
• upskilling the Maori labour force
• building stronger connections with Taranaki Maori living outside the region
• leveraging opportunities for growth that the existing Maori business community provides.

Importantly, the report also shows the importance of Maori to the Taranaki economy and highlights the need for industry and commerce to consider a Maori dimension when making business decisions and formulating wider economic development strategy.

"This report measures the impact of Maori business in the region to date, provides a context for Maori business within the wider regional economy, and looks at where the Taranaki Maori economy is going next," says Venture Taranaki Chief Executive Stuart Trundle.

"Maori will undoubtedly play a critical role in Taranaki's long-term economic development, particularly in meeting the skills shortages this region will face. The Taranaki business community can not afford to exclude the Maori business sector from its strategic planning if they are to maximise their potential."

"Our joint venture now intends to develop a region-wide approach to growing the Maori economy both in its own right and as a major component of the wider Taranaki economy."

"The strategic value of the Maori business sector cannot be overstated. Nor can the report's bottom line – that developing a Taranaki economy of lasting, sustainable and significant value will require every aspect of the regional economy to work together." 



Maori in the Taranaki Region: An Economic Profile
Full report, August 2008
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