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Global Expert

Need an expert to solve a complex business problem or gather market intelligence?

Global Expert is a fast, free, confidential search service that connects businesses with experts to help solve technical and market related challenges. From concept to commercialisation, Global Expert can help solve problems, evaluate ideas, accelerate product development and inform business decisions – saving you time and money.

The service uses a huge network of New Zealand and international experts from leading universities, research institutions and companies around the world.

You’ll find the best experts to:

  • validate new technologies
  • assess market opportunities
  • find new suppliers – in New Zealand and internationally
  • solve technical challenges
  • guide product and process development

After notifying us of the type of expertise you require, you will receive a search report within 15 working days that includes a list of pre-qualified experts, capability summaries, contact details and supporting information. The due diligence on these experts is already done for you and they will be warm leads.

What types of searches are available?

1. Market related and regulatory searches
This search is often done at the design and delivery stage of a project.  Experts can provide market assessments, identify market dynamics, market opportunities and potential channel partners.

2. Technical searches
This search can be done at any stage of a project and identifies experts to help solve technical challenges.  Technical searches can help companies solve challenges with production, processes or new product development.

3. Supplier/product type searches
This search is done at the development stage of a project to identify products and/or suppliers.  Expert searches have identified suppliers of leading edge materials and technologies who can provide advice on specialised equipment or materials. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Global Expert or have a business problem you’d like to discuss contact Rachael Berndt at Venture Taranaki on R&D@venture.org.nz or 06 757 6052.

Alternatively you can fill out the Global Expert Questionnaire and email this to Rachael to kick-start your search. 


Global Expert Questionnaire 174kb
Global Export Information Sheet
For further information please download the information sheet.
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