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Business Systems
The following companies provide Business SystemsTraining. For more information about each course please contact the companies or view the related link.

A3 Lean offers competitive manufacture training and Lean implementation program.
Choose one of our Lean Implementation plans:

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Phone: 067695994 or 0274265471

ActionCOACH is recognised as the world’s number one business coaching organisation and represents 80% of the business coaching and training industry.  As a global business coaching and training company, Action COACH has an extended breadth of customers from SME to large corporate, ranging from private to public sector.  

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Main: 0064 6 769 9697
Fax: 0064 6 769 9698
Mobile: 0064 21 798 434

BDO Taranaki Ltd is a member of a national network of independent member firms, part of BDO International. We have delivered training and workshops across New Zealand since 2003. Our approach is to partner businesses to develop their people and organisations, by providing Professional Management and Business Skills training.

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Big Projects offers the Challenge program, where using ‘lean’ and other concepts and tools and a series of skills-building workshops and sessions, you will experience how to map your business then problem-solve and achieve results on a defined-project basis that efficiently engages your wider team.

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With the experience of supporting many successful businesses over 25 years, Brian E Prestidge & Associates now  offer the South Taranaki business community essential training in:
• How to get started with strategic planning and budgeting
• Designing an accounting system to satisfy your business objectives
• Enhancing your existing business systems
• Understanding financial reports and ratios
Our core values are;
• Trust
• Integrity
• Focus, and
• Knowledge
In a rapidly changing business world you need up-to-date training to understand the numbers which are driving your business.

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Contact: James Prestidge
Phone:06 278 0018


Fast Track regularly help various businesses and we are passionate about assisting them in their plans to develop, grow and innovate.  We have both extensive chartered accounting and commercial office experience. Not just theoretical but practical as well. A unique blend of experience and knowledge driven by a genuine desire to help people grow their businesses. 

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Email: admin@ftss.co.nz
Web:  www.ftss.co.nz
Natasha 06 769 6667
Lorraine 06 758 6285

the icehouse logo
The Icehouse is a business growth centre that includes: business growth programmes for SMEs; a business incubator for start-ups; and New Zealand’s largest group of Angel Investors. It was established in 2001 in recognition of the importance of SMEs to the New Zealand economy.

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Phone: 09 308 6200
Fax: 09 309 9713

KAIZEN® Institute New Zealand is the leading provider of KAIZEN® and LEAN consultancy, training and coaching in New Zealand. 
Our team of consultants have practical experience in the application of Lean Thinking and are experts in applying the Toyota Production System (TPS). Our team is trained in the use of our advanced Lean techniques, incorporating the latest research and case studies, providing a holistic approach to implementing Kaizen Lean in many different industries.
We at the KAIZEN® Institute support companies of all sizes and industrial segments as well as private and public service organisations seeking to embark on their Lean journey.  

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Contact: Peet Wiid
Phone: 021 897 832


To succeed in today’s fluid marketplace you need to be business-savvy!  Let us guide you through the principles of goal setting, team work and productivity and arm you with the tools to implement them.  Craig Macfarlane, Managing Director of Macfarlanes Assist has a hands on understanding of the daily operational and administrative challenges that business ownership demands, it is because of  these challenges that we provide mentoring and coaching and a wide range of seminars to guide you through these.  

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Phone: 06 7597044

We aim to build capable organisations through growing the capability of their people.  We do this by designing and delivering research-informed learning solutions that are based on adult teaching and learning best practices, informed by educational research and supported by leading edge learning technologies.

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Tel. 03 943 2373

Organic Systems Ltd is a provider with international expertise and professional services to the Organic and eco sector of the Oceania, Pacific and Asia region. We deliver successful commercial growth strategies to private, public and non government sectors through training, consultancy and trade. Our vision is to create an effective thriving network of Organic and ecological businesses, communities and organisations throughout the Oceania Pacific and Asia region.

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Contact: Brendan Hoare
Phone:09 832 8986


PwC Taranaki is dedicated to helping local businesses of all shapes and sizes to succeed. Our experienced team have the skills to help business owners navigate their way through the complex problems they face in today's changing market place. We recognise the potential of our region and are passionate about building relationships that create value.

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Phone: 06 757 5477
Fax: 06 757 9497

No matter what stage you’re at (start-up or multi-national) we can help you grow. Having worked with thousands of businesses for over 35 + years, we know what it takes to make your business thrive.  

We offer over 20 workshops that cover a broad range of subjects including Business Planning, Capital raise, Governance, Success Planning, and Business System and Managing Resources. You’ll experience a unique style of learning that is both theoretical and practical, providing you with the skills and clarity to implement your learnings into your business, immediately.

To find out what programme or workshop is right for you, please get in touch with Daimon Stewart on 06 757 3155 or email daimon.stewart@staplestaranaki.co.nz. We can tailor any workshop to match your specific requirements.

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Phone: (06) 757 3155

To book training using a NZTE Capability Development Voucher please contact Jennifer Patterson, jennifer@venture.org.nz


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