If you need some help for your not-for-profit group or club, the Community Mentors Programme is a good place to start.

The programme is designed for community organisations, not for profits, social enterprises, NGOs and both registered and un-registered charities who:

  • Want a fresh perspective, guidance or inspiration
  • Want help to market or grow their organisation
  • Want help to implement a change to their organisation
  • Want support or advice to deal with a particular challenge
  • Want a sounding board to help challenge their thinking, set new goals and achieve success

Who are the Community Mentors and what role do they perform?

Our Community Mentors are experienced, successful New Zealand business people who know what it feels like to either govern, manage or operate a not for profit or social enterprise.  They also have extensive commercial business experience which will also add value to any not for profit or charitable organisation.

Our volunteer mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds and understand New Zealand's not for profit sector.

All our mentors are passionate, committed individuals who want to see their communities prosper and grow.  Community Mentors volunteer their time to work alongside the organisation and participate in a mentoring relationship by:

  • Sharing their knowledge and expertise
  • Acting as a sounding board
  • Working with you to grow your organisation
  • Seeing ‘the bigger picture’
  • Assisting you to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Supporting you in your decision making

All our mentors are interviewed and reference checked before being accepted as a volunteer Community Mentor.  They are required to attend and meet the standards of our Community Mentors Induction/Accreditation programme.

What’s the cost?

Clients of the Community Mentoring Programme pay a $295+GST registration fee.

After registration the mentoring is free for up 12 months, volunteered by your experienced Community Mentor.  The registration fee helps to cover the operational costs of the programme.

In order to sign up for a Community Mentor, please contact Venture Taranaki now.