The Physical Leadership Programme

A 6 month powerful leadership development programme that has a money back guarantee and proven results from past participants.

The programme focuses on how your physical Presence affects your ability to lead and influence others.
Participants will noticeably grow in confidence and leadership capability.
By the end of the programme you will have developed stronger leadership presence, a greater level of influence and have more impact within your organisation, with clients and with stakeholders.  
The method of delivery in the PL programme is unique. Participants learn through action and physicality, increasing real capability and generating sustainable behavioural change. This is easily embed into the workplace providing huge benefits for individuals, those they lead and their organization.

Who is it for?
The programme is for existing managers and leaders wanting to develop their leadership presence, confidence and decisiveness and have more influence and impact in their organization.
The programme would also benefit potential Leaders wanting to develop and accelerate their leadership journey.

Why choose the Physical Leadership Programme?
Leadership in action + theory and examples + insight = Powerful sustainable Results
The Physical Leadership programme is designed to develop leadership presence. It is completely unique with nothing comparable to it on offer.
The programme is highly interactive, engaging and fun.
The focus of the programme is looking at leadership from a non-verbal perspective. Participants learn through physical action, interaction and non-verbal feedback. 
This innovative approach is completely different from traditional leadership training where participants learn the theory of leadership but may struggle to effectively put this into action back in the work environment.
In the Physical Leadership programme the learning is embedded through physical action giving participants the practical ability, insight and confidence to apply their learning immediately and grow their leadership capability.
The specific nature of the programme empowers Individuals to focus on their own specific leadership and growth objectives whilst obtaining valuable insight and feedback from other participants. Driving real sustainable behavioural change.
Programme learning is supported by ongoing resources and content between sessions.
By the end of the programme participants and organizations will see a dramatic shift in leadership capability and performance.
We are so convinced of the impact of this programme we are happy to offer you a full refund if you cannot immediately see the benefit to yourself and your organization.

Programme details
Next course programme intake:
Starts March 2018
FREE Taster Session 13th February 10:30-12pm at Manifold Co-working Space
Dates for group sessions:
1. March 13th
2. March 27th
3. April 10th
4. April 24th
5. May 8th
6. May 22nd
All group sessions are held on Tuesdays.  Timing of sessions is 9-1pm.
Timing for one-to-one coaching sessions and group reflection workshop privately arranged.
Additional resources and ongoing learning content are provided between sessions which participants can choose the level at which they engage with.   
McCullagh Consulting is a registered NTZE training provider. You may be eligible for up to 50% funding for this course.
(Exclusive of GST)

Mar 13 - May 22 2018

Manifold Co-working Space, New Plymouth

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