Leading and Managing for Results

To achieve outstanding results, leaders and managers need confidence in their decision-making as well as markedly enhanced skill sets.

The Leading and Managing for Results course provides leaders and managers with solid foundations to build organisational growth through improved personal performance and productivity.

The Leading and Managing for Results course is suitable for middle managers who are either new to the role or who have a couple of years’ experience.

LMA’s Leading and Managing for Results course develops your key people in leadership, management and supervisory roles to enhance their abilities to meet overall organisational objectives whilst enhancing the spirit of teamwork and mutual support required to achieve team goals.

Participants can expect to:

Enhance leadership capabilities
Improve delegation skills
Identify high payoff activities
Develop communication skills
Apply key actions and principals to improve both individual and team productivity and create results
Create greater empowerment and synergy within the team
Increase self confidence
Generate organisational growth
Improve personal and team time management
Improve decision making skills

Jun 27 - Aug 30 2018

New Plymouth

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