Situational Leadership® II

For people leaders at all levels Presented by the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce with Blanchard New Zealand.

Situational leaders give their people exactly what they need, when they need it. They offer guidance, caring, and autonomy, and provide just the right amount of direction and support to help their team members succeed. They know how to develop competent, self-reliant contributors who deliver faster results for your organisation.

ACCELERATE DEVELOPMENT With the appropriate direction and support, people progress through development levels more quickly, accelerating their growth so they can deliver greater value to the company.

INSTILL A COMMON LANGUAGE When managers and team members speak the same language, hours of discussion and frustration can be avoided. A common language boosts effectiveness and creates a culture focused on high performance.

INCREASE RETENTION Leaders who match their style to the needs of their people raise morale, make others feel valued, and ultimately increase commitment, engagement, and retention.

CREATE PROACTIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS When employees feel that their managers have their best interests at heart, they perform better, are more creative, and seek optimal solutions to problems.

Two day course investment:  $2,495 + GST


This course is registered with the Capability Development Voucher programme.  For criteria and more information please contact Venture Taranaki.

May 01 - May 02 2018

42 Egmont Street, New Plymouth

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