NZISM roadshow 2019

NZSIM is proud to present internationally recognised Organisational Psychologist and H&S expert Dr Todd Conklin Ph.D.

Dr Todd Conklin, Ph.D, internationally recognised Organisational Psychologist and H&S expert presents on how technology has added new dimensions to how we as human beings react to our surroundings and how the new Human Performance view of safety management can make an improved difference.

When an accident happens in a company, it is considered a “failure.” Provisions are made to look in hindsight at causes for the failure, usually finding out who is to blame. In the Human Performance view, “failure” is redefined. Rather than looking at the accident in hindsight, workers and management process the situation with the idea that accidents will happen because work is performed by humans…and we are not perfect. Therefore, how can we minimise the consequences, save lives and save money in the process. Changes in actions and attitudes are required in dealing with safety issues.

The Human Performance view is creating excitement and new energy in the safety fields. Progress is being made in examining the journey that it takes to make these changes in management of the company’s systems and the workers’ behaviours… in parallel.

Thu 25 Jul, 8:30 a.m.

Quality Hotel Plymouth International

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