mBIT Coach Certification Training

Do you want to learn a powerful coaching model that can help you, your clients, staff, friends and family with evolutionary change?

Are you a coach, leader, manager, mentor, therapist, counsellor, health practitioner, GP, body worker, educator or people helper?

Do you want to add a simple, powerful and highly advanced method to your toolbox to work with your clients at a deeper level? To learn a set of techniques that will massively boost your coaching effectiveness and streamline your coaching processes to gain faster and more generative results? To be able to support and coach others to produce results that can only be achieved by tapping into the power of an individual’s innate intuition and the wisdom of their heart and gut intelligences?

Although this is a “professional development” programme, mBIT is about Wise Leadership and so, whilst you will gain a “Coach Certification”, this course is not exclusively for coaches. Successful achievement of this programme provides the mBIT Certified Coach License to coach others within their chosen professional field.

Oct 24 - Oct 27 2019

One Burgess Hill

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