Map out your marketing strategy

Write a one-page marketing plan: map out the customer journey.

Event description
Ditch the pages and pages of noise, and strip it back to this simple, inventive and strategic map of your marketing.
In this interactive workshop, Rachel Klaver, owner of Identify Marketing, will walk you through how to write your own customer journey. - a one page marketing strategy that helps keep you focussed, know what you should be putting your energy into, and defines your regular marketing actions.
We’ll also look at ensuring you nurture and build relationships with your regular clients and customers to help them stay close.
This is a perfect workshop for those in sole trader to small businesses, who struggle to know what they need to be doing for their marketing and why.
Rachel will take you through the same process she uses with her clients in a one-to-one capacity. Come prepared to work hard! Everything else is provided. We’re doing it old school with paper, pens and gluesticks!
This session will cover:
What the main connection points are in your business
How to increase Marketing Qualified leads
What to do with leads
What your business can do to increase leads and improve conversions
Cool tips and tricks to improve your marketing effectiveness
How marketing and sales need to work together
What you might be able to automate*
Numbers are strictly limited to ensure you get help and support as we work through the process.
*If you are interested in automation, we recommend you also attend our session this evening on MARKETING AUTOMATION
We’re also running a session the next day on FACEBOOK AD FUNNELS. You can find the information HERE
This event is brought to you by the team at Identify Marketing and The Marketing Toolbox.

We love working with small businesses around New Zealand, to help them improve their marketing. Our focus is on education, setting up marketing for those who need it, and training people in how to use the right tools for their business.

We provide training and support to small business owners across New Zealand in these events, to help upskill, as part of our desire to help you, and your team, feel more confident in using effective digital marketing and marketing automation

We’re all about the content, and the value.

Wed 31 Oct, 1:30 p.m.

Waterfront Hotel, 1 Egmont Street, New Plymouth

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