Leading people through change

Leading People Through ChangeĀ® applies to change initiatives of all types and sizes. Workshops can be delivered to an intact team working on a specific change initiative or in an open enrollment format. Workshops are available as in-person or live virtual sessions.

Blanchard’s expert change consultants train your leaders how to proactively surface and diagnose people’s predictable questions and concerns during change. Your leaders will learn to flex and match their leadership behaviors to the needs of their people. When people are given the opportunity to be involved in the process and their concerns are heard and addressed, they are less likely to resist change. When you have buy-in and commitment early on from the people you are asking to change, they will feel good about the direction of the organization and you’ll get results faster. Don’t risk wasted time, effort, and money on a failed change initiative.

Equip your leaders to make sure it’s a success.

Thu 08 Aug, 8:30 a.m.

Taranaki Chamber of Commerce, 42 Egmont Street, New Plymouth

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