Introduction to Effective Facebook Ads

Learn how to make the most of Facebook ads – an essential part of social media plans. Structure and target campaigns towards ideal customers, generate sales and get the results you want.

Are you spending money on Facebook ads and boosted posts but not getting the results you want?

Would you like to understand why they’re not working and what you need to change so you stop wasting money on ads that don’t work?

Do you find your organic social media marketing frustrating because you know it is not reaching enough people to generate more sales for you?

Advertising is now an essential part of your social media marketing plan, particularly on Facebook as algorithm changes over the past couple of years have made it harder and harder to connect with your customers organically. While Facebook advertising can be a great way to target your ideal audience, if you don’t know what you’re doing it can lead to costly mistakes.

Facebook Ads are not a dark art, but you can’t just rock up to Ads Manager and expect to create ads that are going to get sustainable results on day one, especially when the platform itself is so confusing to use.

Skills Introduced:
  • The key technical requirements you must have before starting any paid ad campaign
  • How an ad campaign is structured
  • Which objective to use and when
  • How to build the different audiences so your ads are super targeted
  • How to construct a high performing ad that stops the scroll
  • Testing and measuring success
  • The basics of the Facebook Pixel
Requirements: Attendees will need to be reasonably confident, current users of Facebook.
Limited spaces to ensure student-centered learning.

Wed 17 Mar, 9:00 AM

Chamber House, 42 Egmont Street, New Plymouth

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