Give Your Social Presence a "Boost"

Our second Smokeylemon Soapbox focuses on how to boost your social media presence across various platforms & how to create engaging content.

After the success of our first Smokeylemon Soapbox back in September, we have booked in for round two and, oh boy are we excited to impart some of our marketing know-how onto you. Get your notebooks and questions at the ready. Best of all, it's FREE!

During this informative hour-long session, we will discuss the benefits of utilising various social media channels and the ways they each can be used differently to engage with your consumer audiences… your social presence shouldn’t just start and stop with Facebook.

Content continues to be king and that is not changing anytime soon, however, we know that content can be a hurdle for many of you and creating content that gets the attention of your customers and is newsfeed worthy, is a constant battle. Through our own experience we will highlight a few tricks of the trade that we have learned along the way to make sure your posts aren’t getting missed and how to avoid click-bait posting that will get you no bites.

Finally, we will also discuss the recent changes in social media advertising across all the key platforms including some of the new advertising tools such as Facebook Creator Studio and LinkedIn Campaign Manager because a boosted post is just the tip of the iceberg.

Key topics which will be covered:-
  • It’s not all about Facebook...other social channels are available
  • How to build and find your social tribe
  • What is Newsfeed Worthy Content?
  • Why a “Boosted” post is not enough

Be sure to get your tickets here and if you haven’t already, follow us on our social platforms for helpful hints and tips for marketing your business.

Tue 17 Nov, 5:15 PM

Do Box, 91 Devon Street West

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