Building the skills required for top innovation

Understand the role of innovation and the skill sets required for top level innovation. Build innovation frameworks and boost self-sufficiency in innovation.

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“The characteristic of great innovators and great companies is they see a space that others do not. They don't just listen to what people tell them; they actually invent something new, something that you didn't know you needed, but the moment you see it, you say, 'I must have it.’” -Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Global research shows us that there are 10 skills that an innovation manager needs to master to be at the top of their game. This goes beyond the mere stating of the obvious and requires a total understanding of innovation components as well tangible and intangible mental considerations. Whether your organisation is involved in evolutionary, or revolutionary innovation, you must contend with a bewildering set of incomplete and often contradictory sensory inputs. This programme provides you with the 10 skills that will provide a reliable and solid platform on which to hold and position your fragile and changing idea framework. Remember, innovation takes place on many levels. The big breakthroughs usually get the attention. But if we want NZ to maintain its competitive edge in the long run, we need to encourage, support and celebrate innovation on a smaller scale as well.

Learning outcomes:
Understanding the role of innovation
Understanding the skill sets required for toplevel innovation
Building innovation frameworks
How to boost self-sufficiency in innovation

Investment: $450 + GST

This training is registered under NZTE Capability Development Voucher programme.  Your business could be eligible for up to 50% funding.  For further information please contact Venture Taranaki


About the Trainer:
Warwick McCormack
Warwick is one of New Zealand and the Pacific’s top business coaches and has extensive experience in working with small, medium and large size companies - he specialises in strategic direction, marketing, sales, branding, entrepreneurial and innovative business approaches.
Previously he was immersed in the advertising industry, with extensive managerial experience in several global agencies in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. 
A noted presenter and conference speaker, Warwick is known for his extensive knowledge, passionate delivery and numerous work stories.

Contact Details

Fri 23 Nov, 8:30 a.m.

Chamber House, 42 Egmont Street, New Plymouth

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