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31 Aug
- 23 Nov
Wāhine Maia Wāhine Whenua
Business Sustainability, New Plymouth

Wāhine Maia Wāhine Whenua is a programme for wāhine who are involved in the whenua – from governance to grass roots. It works equally well for wāhine who are working on the same board, committee or from the same whanau to attend together or come on their own.

How is it different from other courses? This is a wāhine only programme that grows women as strong, effective leaders for their whenua.

Who is delivering the programme? Each module has three facilitators – A Maori Agri-business specialist sharing their experience (see Bio’s above), a qualified industry expert, and an AWDT trained communication facilitator.

What will I learn?: This programme is designed for wāhine to define or build on their role as critical farming partners, no matter what their position is in Agri-business. The four modules deliver skills and knowledge about the business of sheep & beef farming and provide communication skills that help wahine to take this new knowledge back to their businesses and bring about change. The supportive and safe environment that is created by the experienced facilitators means that wāhine gain knowledge, skills and confidence to make suggestions or ask the really important questions. But don’t just listen to me, click on this link and hear what others are saying -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJo7GK6pgFc

“I came onto this course thinking it was only about agriculture and business and that it would help me in my day job connecting Maori Agribusinesses with science solutions.  However, I have learnt a lot more as the course content, the presenters and the wāhine māori network on the course help you to understand your role and how to add value in your whānau, hapū, iwi or business when it comes to Māori land.” Ariana Hemara-Wahanui (MSc) – AgResearch Account Manager – Māori Agribusiness

“I am more positive about reading financial accounts. I have a better framework to assess a big new opportunity – is it the right thing to do. I have a better understanding of the importance of networks”

“I am now able to ask the right questions when trying to get the whanau to change”

How is it structured? There are three modules held every 4weeks covering Benchmarking. Financial Statements and Business Planning and within each module we provide communication skills such as dealing with resistance, coaching conversations and getting others on board with change to embrace new ideas.

What does it cost? There is no cost to participants, as the course is fully funded by RMPP (Red Meat Profit Partnership) who invest $2,000 per participant, because they recognise the positive impact knowledgeable and confident wāhine have on NZ agriculture.

The dates for the New Plymouth programme are held on each of the following Thursdays 8.30am – 5.30pm  

-                       Module 1: August 31st -  Measuring Farm Performance

-                       Module 2: September 28th - What are the Numbers Saying?

-                       Module 3: October 26th - Planning for better farm performance

-                       Graduation: November 23rd   (5:30pm-8pm)

The dates for the Whanganui programme are held on each of the following Thursdays 8.30am – 5.30pm  

-                       Module 1: September 14th  -  Measuring Farm Performance

-                       Module 2: October 12th  - What are the Numbers Saying?

-                       Module 3: November 9th  - Planning for better farm performance

-                       Graduation: December 7th -   (5:30pm-8pm)

If you know women or organisations in the area who are involved in the red meat sector, it would be great if you could encourage them to attend and pass on the attached programme flyer, as well as the link to the registration page below.


To register applicants simply need to follow the link, select ‘Register for Wāhine Maia, Wāhine Whenua’ at the bottom of the page, complete the form that follows and select ‘Send Application’.
Wāhine Maia Wāhine Whenua
New Plymouth
Agri-Women\'s Development Trust
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