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Taranaki - like no other branding

This section of the website outlines the thinking behind the Taranaki brand and the role it plays for the region. It also provides information for businesses and organisations wishing to co-brand by using the Taranaki logo and other elements available for this purpose.

By providing this information we aim to protect the integrity of the Taranaki brand. This is important as the brand must be applied consistently across all formats. This will help build recognition of the brand and ensure Taranaki always looks as good as possible. 

  • The brand will help achieve two goals
1. Create an effective marketing and awareness building platform that positions Taranaki for the future. Doing this will help local business and organisations achieve sustainable long-term growth and promote the region as a great place to live, work, learn, and play.
2. Focus and build local pride and identity by providing a credible and inspiring expression of ‘what it is to be Taranaki’.

  • How was it developed?
A compelling brand must be based on sound ‘thinking’, i.e. the definition of what makes us unique and what key messages need to be communicated. As the brand represents all people in the region it was necessary to undertake this background work with a range of representative stakeholder groups. A team of over 60 was assembled including representatives from the four Taranaki councils, VTT, the business community, iwi, local media and sports organisations etc. The groups participated in workshops to ‘define’ the Taranaki brand and agree how co-branding would be undertaken. The groups also attended meetings during the design phase. This process ensured the thinking behind the brand and the design work was developed by representatives of the broader community.

There are three key ways the brand will be communicated:

  • Masterbrand promotion and communications
The Taranaki ‘masterbrand’ will be managed by VTT. Exact applications will vary but could include everything from advertising and online formats, to brochures, street banners, bumper stickers and school packs for kids. Master brand communications will include some or all of the Taranaki brand elements, i.e. logo, colour palette, slogan, imagery, texture graphics, brand text and moving pictures/sound etc.

  • Co-branding partners
A key goal has been the creation of a Taranaki ‘logo’ (and associated elements) that local businesses and organisations can apply to their branded material. The more this is done the stronger the brand will be. It’s envisaged co-branding could be applied to a wide range of formats including stationery, websites, signage, vehicle livery, clothing/uniforms etc. This manual provides ‘design rules’ for co-branding. Examples of ‘some’ in-situ formats are also provided. If you require more detailed advice regarding design please contact VTT.

  • Taranaki people
The brand will be brought to life by the people of Taranaki – we’re all ambassadors for the brand. To do this effectively we need to understand what makes this such a remarkable place – how Taranaki is the best of heartland New Zealand coming of age. The following pages explain how this has been defined.

  • What we stand for:
Brand Essence – what makes us unique
Taranaki – like no other

Brand Positioning – how we’re differentiated from the competition
Legendary – past and present

Brand Values – the code the brand lives by
Proud, Inclusive (welcoming, diverse but one people), Wild & Civilised, Spirited, Raw & Untamed
Key Messages – promoted via masterbrand communications
• Magical mix – heartland/cosmopolitan, Maori/Pakeha, wild/civilised
• Top economic performer
• Punch above our weight
• Tourism – accessible and worth it
• Richly diverse but ONE people
• Mind, body & soul – great place to live/great to visit
• Proud, unique and strong
• Friendly and welcoming
• Our place to stand
• Just far enough away
• Taranaki is an attitude
• The best of heartland New Zealand coming of age

  • Using the brand’s strapline
The brand’s essence is featured as a strapline in the logo. It is anticipated some co-branding partners will also use this phrase in their communications. Opposite is a mocked-up example of ‘one’ way this could be implemented. The ‘like no other’ idea could be applied to a range of different formats. You are free to make use of this.

  •  Using the brand’s positioning statement
The brand’s positioning statement (‘Legendary – past and present’) is the definition of how we ultimately want people to think of Taranaki. Positioning statements are not always used as slogans/straplines, however it is likely VTT will use ‘Legendary’ in some advertising, billboards etc. As with the strapline co-branding partners are welcome to use ‘Legendary’ in their brand communications. If you would like advice on how either of these statements could be used in your communications please contact VTT.
  •  Brand Textures
The texture section of the logo has been extended for use as a graphic device. This gives the brand a secondary visual language that can be used across a range of formats. It can be applied to help us ‘own’ images, i.e. make them appear ‘in brand’. It can also be applied to signage and stationery etc to make linkage with the Taranaki masterbrand more overt.

  •  The Masterbrand's Typeface
Your existing brand is likely to use specified fonts. Most companies apply a ‘PC default font’ for letters/emails and web use, e.g. Arial, Times New Roman etc. They also often have a specified font (usually a licensed font bought by the company’s design agency) for graphic or designed applications, e.g. signage, advertising etc. Our intention is that co-branding partners don’t need to change the visual elements (graphics, colours, fonts etc) of their existing brand by applying the Taranaki logo, texture graphics or utilizing the ‘Like no other’ or ‘Legendary’ statements.

That said, using ‘Like no other’ or ‘Legendary’ is one instance where you could consider using the Taranaki brand font – Rockwell Regular/Rockwell Bold. Doing this would be great for building Taranaki brand recognition.
NB: Please note there is no requirement to do this if you prefer to use your own brand typeface. If you are interested in using Rockwell and don’t own the font, please ask your designer to contact www.fonts.com

Taranaki - like no other logos, and textures can be downloaded from http://business.taranaki.info/list.php/page/download-logos-and-textures

For more information on using brand logos, textures and colours contact Venture Taranaki.
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