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Taranaki Honey Company Collective
The Taranaki Honey Company Collective is a group of Taranaki owned/operated companies who are commercially involved in the apiculture industry, producing honey, bee products and associated high value derivatives.

They are working together on initiatives to positively develop the industry in Taranaki.

Read more about the industry in Taranaki here and group members below.

Venture Taranaki provides the administration hub for the group and Federated Farmers provides a valuable land/owner interface.

Group Mission Statement
To work collaboratively on shared opportunities and challenges to assist the positive growth and development of the apiculture industry in Taranaki.

Strategic Initiatives
  • To foster economic development, added-value products, exports and jobs within the Taranaki region through the collective activities of the group.
  • Initiate regional projects to advance, promote and grow the Taranaki apiculture industry, commercial production of honey, bee products, and associated derivatives through e.g. local production and growth of the industry, R&D initiatives, pilot projects, promotion, education, collaborative export development initiatives, cost sharing etc.
  • Promote and educate stakeholders, farmers including landowners, about Taranaki-based honey/bee product companies and their capabilities. The purpose is to build awareness and foster greater utilisation of Taranaki-based companies, to maximise value-add within the Taranaki region.
  • To discuss and seek ways to mitigate industry risks and challenges which may impact regional industry and business growth. This may include activities which contravene industry standards and government regulations, the risks of disease, overstocking, theft, vandalism and the presence of unregistered hives. 
  • To advocate and adopt a regional leadership position on industry best practice.
  • To consider and strategize how Taranaki can capitalise on the present and future potential of the honey/bee products/apiculture industry to the benefit of the region.

Taranaki Honey Company Collective member profiles

Barton Holdings/Naki Honey

Based in Lepperton, Barton Holdings have their own hives and collect, extract and process high value manuka honey for export. Their tracking system enables product to be traced to source.

Bees R Us
Based in New Plymouth, Bees R Us collect, process and sell bee products including a variety of honeys such as clover, bush, and raw honey, through national food outlets, their local shop and online.

Egmont Honey
Egmont Honey is a family owned bee keeping business and honey exporter based in South Taranaki. As well as producing honey from their own hives they purchase honey from bee keepers all over New Zealand to be packed and exported to their international markets. They currently export to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, UK, and France. Their honey is also available at all international airports in New Zealand through Travelpharm duty free stores.

Eltham Apiaries
A true Kiwiana operation, Eltham Apiaries have been in the honey business for over 50 years. A family business who have their own hives, they collect, extract/process/pack and sell their own honey and bee products from their shop based in Eltham and to national suppliers.
  • E: bee.bee@xtra.co.nz
  • T: 06 764 5282 or
  • M: 027 2751 961

Forest and Bees Native Honey
Based in Stratford, Forest and Bees Native Honey locally manages hives, and collects high quality manuka from the Taranaki region which they sell on the international market. Extraction, and processing of the honey is all done in-house.  The company was founded in 2010 by Mike Everly while living in New Zealand. Mike now splits time between overseeing operations in New Zealand and working on developing markets for his retail brand “Bees & Trees Manuka Honey” in the US.  The company chose early on to focus exclusively on Taranaki. Close relationships in the community are a hallmark of the company’s business model. Recently teaming with the Rotokare Reserve to produce honey from the Reserve for sale to support conservation efforts illustrates the positive impact a local business focus can have. Day-to-day, the management team is anchored by third generation beekeeper Raul Mateas who has become a fixture in the Taranaki backcountry.

Kai Iwi Honey
Based in Whanganui, this family owned business purchased a disused cheese factory and leased land from the railways to set up a beekeeping business which has been extended to include manuka land behind Hawera and in Urenui. The company has an extraction plant based in kai iwi which they use, not only for their own company operations, but to help extract honey for other Taranaki beekeeper honey suppliers. The company also sells beekeeping supplies.

Native NZ Honey
Jessica Rees is a self-employed commercial bee keeper and honey producer, based in Patea. She has a strong interest in bee genetics and having experienced hive thefts within her own operation, she is the group’s representative on rural/industry security.
  • E: nativenzhoney@gmail.com
  • T: 027 8156458

Still Valley
Established by Jim Bennett, this Taranaki startup company produces high-quality manuka oil from Taranaki sourced manuka plants, along with other New Zealand floral products and essential oils.  Supplier for the national and international market.
  • T: 027 657 7900
  • E: jim.c.bennett@gmail.com

Yobees Honey
A newly established honey company with its base in Whanganui but extends to South Taranaki, Yobees has its own hives and exports the majority of its product to China.
  • T: 027 775 2689
  • E: johann.ander@outlook.co.nz

Neil Walker
Based in South Taranaki, Neil is an industry veteran and entrepreneur having played a major role in the apiculture industry nationally, including chairing the transitional apiculture structure to its unified body Apiculture NZ as well as the Government-funded PGP manuka research project. Neil is chair of Manuka research Partnership NZ Ltd (MRPL) which runs the PGP and the wholly owned commercial arm Manuka Farming NZ Ltd  (MF(NZ)  Neil also has his own apiculture investments.
  • T: 06 278 7541
  • E: familywalk@xtra.co.nz

Federated Farmers
Lisa Harper at Federated Farmers supports the collective around the farmer/ and land-owner interface.
  • E: lharper@fedfarm.org.nz

Venture Taranaki
As the regional development agency, Venture Taranaki provides facilitation services and point of contact for the Collective as one of its many initiatives to grow the Taranaki economy. The Trust, which is funded by the Councils in Taranaki and is the regional partner for Central Government, provides free confidential services to help new business start ups, the provision of capability and R&D grants, sector and regional strategy and economic information.  Anne Probert at Venture Taranaki acts as the group's coordinator.
  • E: anne@venture.org.nz

Group news and member updates

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