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Regional Partner Network

Venture Taranaki has teamed up with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and TechNZ to increase our support for business growth and innovation in Taranaki. This partnership is part of a nationwide programme whereby 14 regions from around New Zealand have been selected as Regional Partners.

The Regional Partner Network will allow Venture Taranaki to provide your business with better access to information about the services and funding available.  Venture Taranaki is dedicated to working with you to provide a range of advice and support services, as well as access to funding to help your business grow. 

Specific support under the Regional Partner Network includes:
1. An assessment of your business to identify the information, advice and support that will be most useful to you.
2. Capability Development Vouchers, which key managers and owners can use as part payment for the cost of management training and coaching.
3. Research and development funding.
4. Access to a Global Expert to help you solve a problem or meet a challenge.

Capability Development Vouchers
The fastest and easiest way for small to medium sized businesses to access up to $5,000 p/a for management training, courses and coaching.

Science and Innovation Group Project Funding
Providing support for companies undertaking research and development projects to develop new technology products, processes or services, assess intellectual property or solve technical challenges.

Science and Innovation Group Capability Funding 
Targeted at helping both early stage and mature companies by giving them the tools needed to help exploit new technology, scientific innovation and engaging expertise.

Technology Transfer Vouchers 
Increase the transfer of technology and knowledge between research organisations and businesses by funding access to research services and expertise from accredited partners.

Technology Development Grants
Reimburses 20% of eligible expenditure on your research and development programme and can be awarded for three years.

Global Expert
A fast, confidential search service that connects businesses with experts to help solve technical and market-related challenges.

Find out more about the Regional Partner Network.   

If you’re interested in learning more about the Regional Partner Network email  Venture Taranaki at countmein@venture.org.nz or phone 06 759 5150 to speak to Venture Taranaki’s Business Advisors Jennifer Patterson or Jane Moffitt. 


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