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Taranaki’s strength in manufacturing is reflected in the number and breadth of businesses involved, their calibre, entrepreneurial spirit and export orientation.

Taranaki is home to more than 570 manufacturing businesses, which collectively employ 8,670 people – around 17% of Taranaki’s employment base - and create 11% of the region’s GDP.

Compared to the rest of New Zealand Taranaki has the second highest proportion of people employed in manufacturing, and more than half of these work in food product manufacturing -  again one of the highest percentages in the country. Dairy, meat and poultry processing and products are the key components of this, followed by structural steel, fabrication and other forms of engineering.

Manufacturing adds value to products and goods and stimulates innovation. Some examples include:
  • Taranakipine with their product advancements in engineered wood
  • The design-led philosophy of Howard Wright who make high-tech hospital beds
  • The recent invention of Eltham based Carac Group which is a tow lock that will never slip or come undone.
  • QP Sport which design and manufacture high-quality breast and chest protection products for customers around the world view a culture of innovation as a key ingredient to success. The company works with some of the best universities in the world on sport science and breast impact research, and within their New Plymouth facilities have state of the art equipment to continually develop and test new products.
  • Pioneers in the manufacturer of frozen dough, Taranaki-based Yarrows Family Bakers were the first New Zealand company to export butter-based goods to the United States, and the first to install a mechanical mixer and an electrical oven. Today Yarrows remain at the leading edge of new baking and production techniques.
There is also a visualness to manufacturing that can makes it awe-inspiring. Examples include:
  • The steel fabrication work of New Plymouth’s Rivet has in the form of the Len Lye Centre where they provided the mirror-like stainless steel panels for in 2015.
  • The Yolla accommodation module constructed by Fitzroy Engineering brought the people of Taranaki into the streets during the night to see it being transported to the Port where it was destined for the Bass Strait.
  • The custom-made steel balls, spheres and sculptures made by Global Stainless are finding a market wiht sculptors and artists around the world. Their work is featured in leading artist Anish Kapoor's Tall Tree and the Eye, a 15-metre tall sculpture resembling giant shiny bubbles that has been exhibited in London, Spain and South Korea.
What is especially notable about manufacturing in Taranaki is the important export contribution it makes and also how the activity it generates create even further jobs in our economy. Examples include:
  • Fonterra’s cheese plant in Collingwood Street, Eltham, which exports to more than 50 countries around the world.
  • Methanex, New Zealand’s only methanol manufacturer, employees approximately 250 Taranaki staff and has an extensive contractor base, exports 95% of its products and is one of the nation’s major exporters.
  • Nexans, New Zealand’s largest power cable supplier, have their manufacturing facility in New Plymouth, and provide high quality cable and consulting services for on average 200 projects around New Zealand and the Pacific every year, ranging from small residential and commercial works to major multi-million dollar infrastructure projects.
  • Precision Microcircuits, New Zealand’s only manufactures of thick microcircuits who operates from their base at the foothills of the Pouakai Ranges near New Plymouth. Much of their product is exported, mainly to China, Mexico and America.
  • Bremner Music has gone from local workshop to global market leader originating when  Champion comet player Trevor Bremner made the first prototype ssshmute from an old suitcase and brass in his workshop.
Underpinning Taranaki’s manufacturing businesses is a strong health, safety and quality ethos.

Taranaki has available industrial land, infrastructure, services and a workforce that provides a welcoming and attractive location to establish or expand your manufacturing business.

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