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Getting Started Grants
Get started with your innovative idea

Venture Taranaki, in partnership with Callaghan Innovation, is offering Getting Started grants to Taranaki businesses who want to investigate a new product or process idea.

This funding can help make your innovative idea bigger, better and faster to market. The Getting Started Grant is aimed at initial stage research and development (R&D) that is technically based. The application process is quick and easy and you will be informed of the outcome within three working days of submitting a completed application.  
Funding can be used to cover external costs associated with:
  • Understanding your intellectual property options for your new idea
  • A proof of concept or feasibility study
  • Development of new bespoke equipment to increase efficiencies
  • Prototype materials and testing
Getting Started grants are designed to cover external costs associated with these activities and are purely for technical based research, not market research.

Initial stage R&D projects of up to $12,000 can apply.  The grant pays for 40% of the project costs (up to $4,800) with the business being responsible for the other 60% (up to $7,200).

Many Taranaki businesses have used this funding and subsequently gone on to successfully launch their new product to the international market, or introduced a new production process. Some cases studies are included overleaf as examples of how the Getting Started grant can be used to your advantage.  

If your proposed R&D project costs are estimated to be more than $12,000 then still get in touch with us, as
there are alternative funding options available. 
If you have an  innovative new idea for your business, contact Venture Taranaki now to discuss your options.

Business eligibility:
  • Be GST registered in New Zealand
  • Have at least one director (or equivalent) who is a NZ resident
  • Be able to fund your 60% share  of the project
What is eligible:
  • Intellectual property (IP) investigations
  • Prototype materials and testing
  • Proof of concept or feasibility study
  • Bespoke equipment development
What is not eligible:
  • Completed projects
  • Market research and websites
  • Purchase of off-the-shelf machinery
  • Technology that is not new/novel

If you’re interested in learning more about Getting Started Grants or have an R&D project you’d like to discuss contact Rachael Berndt on 06 759 5178 or email R&D@venture.org.nz.





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