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Taranaki is New Zealand's centre of heavy engineering, innovation and excellence. 

Domiciled in the region are a cluster of world class firms, spanning: 

  • Mechanical and electrical fabrication
  • Engineering design and project management
  • Comprehensive support services for the engineering industry.

Taranaki's engineering firms have established an enviable construction record. This has evolved whilst performing some of New Zealand's largest heavy engineering projects - primarily linked the growth of major oil, gas and petrochemical developments.

As a result of such evolution, which included servicing the requirements of global energy companies, Taranaki's engineering firms have established a proven track record in quality, safety, cost-efficiency and first class performance.

Taranaki is home to New Zealand’s leading engineering consortium, Engineering Taranaki, with over 250 years of combined engineering, design and fabrication experience and representing over 1000 tradespeople and over 200 professional engineers.

Facilitated by Venture Taranaki, teh consortium provides a range of services to foster the growth of the industry, including assisting career development and apprenticeship training in the engineering and electrical trades.

As well as assisting the oil and gas industry, Taranaki firms continue to provide specialist services for a wide range of industries including customised solutions for the dairy industry on a local, national and international level. 

A proven record of performance in engineering

Taranaki's engineering designers, fabricators and specialist services have a proven record of performance. They have particular experience in;

  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Reactors
  • Digestors for the pulp and paper industry
  • Gas pipelines for natural gas reticulation
  • Storage tanks
  • General fabrication
  • Complex piping systems for the local petrochemical industry (which includes the world's first Gas to Synthetic Gasoline Plant) and Off shore Oil and Gas wells.

Taranaki's engineering base has a proven record of providing the complete spectrum of engineering services. They can deliver "turnkey" solutions for their clients - taking projects from feasibility and environmental studies through to total project management, engineering design, construction and maintenance. These solutions have been achieved due to the close proximity and strong relationships between the designers, project managers and fabricators of the region. These products have been built for the:

  • local and global oil and gas and petrochemical industries
  • Dairy industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Mineral smelting
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy Generation
    Water and Waste Water Treatment.

There is also evolving expertise in ship building and marine engineering. Taranaki's engineering base has a demonstrated capability of working with a range of materials including carbon, stainless and duplex steels, clad materials and other exotic materials.

The work is performed to international standards, such as the ISO 9000 series quality standard, and the relevant Australian, British and American design codes.

Providing infrastructure to support engineering development

Taranaki has a service infrastructure which underpins the performance of the engineering industry and includes:

  • A deep water port
  • Rail links to major centres throughout New Zealand
  • The provision of a heavy haul route with super heavy loading capacity which stretches from the industrial heart of New Plymouth to Port Taranaki
  • Transportation services which include the capability to lift and transport loads in excess of 600 tonnes
  • Sophisticated, non destructive testing and inspection facilities
  • Corrosion protection expertise
  • State of the art surveying services

Welcoming further investment in the engineering industry

Venture Taranaki works in partnership with the private sector to maximise the development of its engineering base. The Trust provides support to Taranaki's existing engineering base, and offers confidential assistance to potential investors for this industry.


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