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EnergyStream - O&G Portal
New Zealand's oil and gas industry contributes $2.5 billion to the nation's GDP, and employs more than 7,700 people. EnergyStream is the industry’s first dedicated, independent, industry-wide digital presence.

Venture Taanaki created and launched  the EnergyStream.co.nz in 2011 as the online hub for New Zealand’s oil and gas industry and the many supporting sectors that are behind it.
The EnergyStream site introduces, explores, explains and enables all aspects of the O&G industry in New Zealand. You will discover the sector’s activities, capabilities, assistance avenues and opportunities.
Commercially neutral, EnergyStream seeks to connect the New Zealand oil and gas and support industries through a portal that assists those within the industry and educates those beyond it.
EnergyStream is developed and maintained by Venture Taranaki, the regional development agency for Taranaki, New Zealand’s foremost energy region, with development support from the New Zealand Government through New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and a wide range of industry stakeholders.
In addition to its extensive information, news and resources, the portal has a detailed company capability database, promotes jobs in the industry and maintains an events listing. 

How you can be part of EnergyStream:

  • Sign up to the EnergyStream newsletter to receive regular updates
  • Browse the site to access industry information, download reports
  • Build opportunities by utilising the capability database
  • Spread the word by directing student and public enquiries to the site
  • Participate in associated industry events and networking opportunities
  • Check out the industry videos
  • View jobs and events
 The future of the New Zealand oil and gas industry is bright. We look forward to EnergyStream playing a part in that future, and increasing the contribution of this valuable industry to the many people, companies and organisations that are directly and indirectly involved with it.

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