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Taranaki is a region of unlimited potential. Our thriving oil and gas and dairy sectors, strong engineering, energy and primary industries and growing tourism and creative sectors are a testament to this.

Taranaki is an exciting region for business and is recognised in New Zealand as a progressive and modern place for investment. The region is located on the western side of the north island of New Zealand, midway between Auckland and Wellington.

Auckland is 369 km (220 miles) from Taranaki and Wellington is 355 km (213 miles). This distance equates to approximately 40 minutes by direct air flight.

Taranaki is home to 100,000 people and New Plymouth is the region's major city. Hawera, Stratford, Opunake, Waitara and Inglewood are key towns within the province.

Offering a Competitive Advantage in Business

Agriculture, in particular dairy farming, is the backbone of Taranaki's economy. The temperate climate of Taranaki combined with its very fertile land makes the region ideal for agricultural based activities.

Taranaki is the centre of New Zealand's oil and gas exploration and petrochemical industry. Major exploration activities are underway throughout the region. Downstream activities include processing natural gas to synthetic fuel, as well as the production of resins and urea. Exports are shipped out of Port Taranaki.

Taranaki has a skilled, export oriented manufacturing base. The local industry includes food manufacturing (e.g. dairy products, speciality dough, meat and poultry) as well as timber, chemicals and metal based.

The region's vast dairy processing operations are testament to Taranaki's strong links to the dairy industry.

Taranaki's skilled engineering businesses offer specialist services, which assist with the construction and maintenance of the region's dairy and petrochemical facilities.
Leading edge technology underpins Taranaki's competitive advantages in niche markets associated with timber and speciality dough.

Popular retail outlets, such as New Plymouth's main shopping centre, border the sea.

Encouraging Industry Expansion

Taranaki welcomes the expansion of its industrial base. The region offers excellent essential services which can cater for growth;
• Electricity and gas,
• Fresh clean water,
• Sewerage processing systems,
• Deep water port,
• Modern airport,
• Quality, zoned commercial and industrial land in close proximity to the region's rail, road, airport and port services,
• Professional business and government services e.g. customs.
The cost of operating a business in Taranaki is often lower than major cities and other comparable regions.

Your Contact For Further Assistance

Venture Taranaki works in partnership with the private sector to foster the development of Taranaki business. We provide support to Taranaki's new and existing business base, and offer free, confidential assistance to potential investors interested in the region.

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