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Become a mentor

The Taranaki Business mentoring programme is currently searching for experienced, successful business people willing to give back to the Taranaki economy, by becoming a business mentor.

Being a mentor can provide extra challenge to your life as well as bring the satisfaction of helping someone out.

Mentors we are looking for will be:

  • Experienced business people from either small or large business environments. They may have senior management experience in a corporate environment or have successfully operated their own business. 
  • People with empathy for small business operators and entrepreneurs with a genuine desire to assist. 
  • Have the ability to communicate with, and win the confidence of others.

We look for mentors with various types of skills. No one mentor is expected to know everything. Skills required includes human resources, marketing, strategic business planning, exporting, communications, IT and financial.

The mentoring scheme will only match you with a client who is requiring your skills. This ensures you feel comfortable to help, as well as being able to offer valuable advice for your client.

In return the scheme can offer you:

  • The opportunity to become part of a recognised credible mentoring organisation
  • Structured and supported mentoring
  • The flexibility to decide when your are available to mentor, who you mentor and how often
  • The ability to determine how you manage your mentoring relationships to suit your individual style and to meet your clients' needs
  • A sense of satisfaction from being able to assist someone and give something back to your community

Click here to apply to become a business mentor.

If you have any questions about the programme please contact the Business mentoring New Zealand (BMNZ) agent Kayleen Schoeman kayleen@venture.org.nz



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