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Employing Staff

Have more work than hours in the day? Need an extra pair of hands to help you out? Then you probably need to think about employing someone. 

The benefits of growing your team include:
- Giving you more time to focus on your work resulting in less stress
- Increased productivity
- New skills, experiences and ideas are introduced to your business
- Business growth
- Increased revenue.

You will need to check your IRD obligations
www.ird.govt.nz and ensure that you have the cash flow to meet their ongoing wages or salary. You will need to decide if you want full time, part time, casual or contract staff, how many and how much you will pay. For more information on wages, flexible working hours, parental leave entitlements and writing employment agreements click here.

Stages of best practise recruitment:

  1.   Start with reviewing your organisational vision and Human Resource Strategy.
  2.   An important step in the process is called Job Analysis, essentially split into two key areas – creating a job description and developing a person profile. 
  3.   The next stage is HR Planning and employee recruitment. Recruitment can be done in numerous ways – by word of mouth and networking, advertising in newspapers or on online jobs boards. It is vital to advertise for exactly what you are looking for, and recruitment or ad agencies can help you in this area. 
  4.   Once you have received applications, then shortlist your applicants based on your set of necessary criteria. Get it right first time as the costs of poor recruitment can be high in terms of money, time and disciplinary procedure. 
  5.   Once you have that right person on board, you will need to have some Performance Management Systems in place to make sure you both know whether or not they are reaching the goals and standards that you require. 

Part of the equation is training and development and remuneration and other rewards. If you need to discipline or terminate a member of staff, make sure that you follow the legal policies and procedures, and it is probably best to seek professional advice from a lawyer or HR Consultant.

Ensure your new employee is comfortable with their new role and working environment and check in with them regularly. Their family are also an important part of the equation, make them all feel welcome. 

When hiring people from overseas ensure that applicants are eligible to work in NZ – usually employers will need to provide a job offer in order for the applicant to get a visa, NOT the other way around. For information on rules and regulations when hiring immigrants visit www.immigration.govt.nz

For info on Skills in Demand Lists (Immediate and Long Term), becoming an accredited employer and Visa View services utilise the Immigration Advisers Authority. If you decide to get professional help when hiring immigrants, ensure that your adviser is licensed.

For further information on the recruitment process refer to the Department of Labour "How to Hire- guide for employers" booklet.

To offer employees the best support to people who are moving to Taranaki for work please refer to the Live & Work webpage, and also the Taranaki Lifestyle Toolkit.


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