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Even though Casie Pigott has always spent her working days developing her clients’ brands, the one challenge Casie faced was finding the time to spend on her own company - Design Garage.

Casie began her design company in 2015 so she could help other local businesses create a modern identity and build an online presence to support what they are trying to achieve.

“Design Garage brings together the whole marketing toolkit. We’ll deliver web design, graphic design, ecommerce and marketing solutions – both on and offline for our clients,” Casie says.
“A really strong part of the business is actually mentoring and advising clients through the design process, so they get the best possible outcome and have options that fit their brief, their budget and their aspirations.”

Looking to put future plans in place for Design Garage, Casie heard about the Business Mentor programme from a friend, and was soon teamed up with another local entrepreneur, Charlotte Ward, who had successfully grown a small business into an award winning brand.

“Charlotte is a great mentor because her business started out small like mine and she offers advice on how she grew Silk Spa to what it is today. It's good to have someone to bounce ideas off who has similar business values,” says Casie.

As a result of working with her mentor, Casie has begun to develop a working business plan.  She has prioritised what needs to be done in her business and has looked at how her business works and what assistance she can contract in when she needs extra capacity – a growing occurrence.

“The most important thing I’ve learnt is to develop and work to a plan. Before working with Charlotte, I didn't know where to start on the business development.  Now I have a clear goal in mind.”

Teaming up with a business mentor has not only helped Casie focus on her long term business growth, it has also helped her build momentum in the short term – Casie will soon be looking at employing Design Garage’s first staff member, to further position the company as a provider, not only of great design, but also the best advice. 

   Designing future growth – Design Garage  

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