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Canterbury University Engineering graduate Nick Ramsay spent last summer in Taranaki figuring out how to turn effluent waste into bio gas. Now, with the project completed, Nick has no plans to leave the region.  

“In an academic environment we are technically minded, but working in the real world stretched my knowledge as I also had to consider the costs of the project and the target market,” says Nick.

Once the project was competed, Nick had to make a judgment call on the overall feasibility of the project, and present a written report on his findings to ITL. In the end, the project was not deemed feasible, due to market size being insufficient to sustain the research and development spend.

An essential part of any R&D process, feasibility studies are critical in determining if a project will gain market success when complete, and help make investment decisions.  

“The challenge was for me to think of ITL’s interests rather than how innovative the idea was. It was a fantastic introduction to commercial realities of business,” says Nick.

Upon completing his internship, Nick was offered a permanent position with ITL, completing design work for clients including some of Taranaki’s major oil and gas companies. He is also involved in ongoing R&D projects.

Nick encourages any business to consider the internship funding from Callaghan Innovation, as it’s an excellent investment that provides a win-win for both the business and the graduate. 

“From the businesses point of view you can test and train a future young employee so that they are not completely green when they come out of university, and you can get valuable project work completed quickly,” he says.

“From my point of view, I was able to trial run a company to see if I liked working there, which I did.”

 To learn more about Callaghan Innovation R&D funding contact regional partners Venture Taranaki here or phone (06) 759 5150.

  Student funding a win-win  

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