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When Fine Particle Application’s father-daughter duo Brett and Fay Emeny wanted to take their 30-year old business to the next level, they turned to Venture Taranaki.
A visit from a VT Regional Business Partner representative was lined up, and within days the company had a full assessment of their business needs and a whole-of-business plan to ramp up the company’s research and development.
What’s more, the company received a capability development voucher from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to cover half the cost of management training and an investment from the Ministry of Science and Innovation to assist product development.
Fay used the vouchers to boost her marketing and branding knowledge and build a sales team, while the MSI investment meant that the new ground spread technology was developed much faster than it would otherwise have been, enabling the company to launch its new technology at Fieldays, generating a 1200% increase in leads over the previous year’s event.
“We never thought we would qualify for this kind of support, so had never looked at it,” Fay says.
“But it’s meant we’ve been able to take a huge step forward, both in terms of the funding and the business support. The future of FPA is now much brighter.”
To find out if you qualify for similar assistance, contact Venture Taranaki now.

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