The energy industry is a key component of the Taranaki economy and of strategic importance to the nation.

In addition to the range of free, confidential services Venture Taranaki provides individually to businesses, there are a range of sector initiatives which provide additional focus and momentum to the growth and development of the energy sector.



  • Promotion, strategic planning and thought leadership – Venture Taranaki provides information about the industry, assistance with strategy and scenario planning, and undertakes innovative projects to respond to opportunities and leverage the changing nature and future potential of the industry. 
  • The Energy and Industrial Group (EIG).  Venture Taranaki facilitates a cluster group comprising more than 20 specialist service companies who meet regularly, undertake collaborative projects and collectively promote their capabilities. 
  • A free energy web site - – promotes and demystifies the oil and gas and energy industries, provides free monthly market updates, events, job listings and contacts.
  • The New Zealand Oil and Gas Capability Database is a free-to-access company capability database – available online at and in hard copy, which promotes the extensive energy industry skill sets available in Taranaki. This site is maintained by Venture Taranaki.
  • Commissioning Independent research reports: The Wealth Beneath Our Feet report (2015) which quantified the economic value of the industry to the New Zealand economy. Other reports include the economic impact of Hydraulic Fracturing. 
  • Undertake trade missions e.g. to Australia, UK and other countries, to promote the region’s energy export capabilities and job opportunities in the region.
  • Events – featuring industry experts on a range of topics.
  • Links to Government grants to assist companies with management training, and research and development.
  • Information to attract/assist further added-value industries linked to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries to Taranaki. 

EnergyStream is a free web site with information about the New Zealand oil and gas industry, hosted by Venture Taranaki.

Energy & Industrial Group

Energy and Industrial Group comprises a collective of over 20 companies who meet regularly and collaborate on projects.

Energy Industry Overview

Read further about Taranaki's energy industry.

The Wealth Beneath Our Feet (2015)

The value of the oil and gas industry to New Zealand and Taranaki.

The World Within Our Reach (2012)

A showcase of New Zealand's oil and gas industry capabilities.