The Taranaki Honey Company Collective

The Taranaki Honey Company Collective is a group of Taranaki owned/operated companies who are commercially involved in the apiculture industry, producing honey, bee products and associated high value derivatives. They are working together on initiatives to positively develop the industry in Taranaki. 

Venture Taranaki provides the administration hub for the group and Federated Farmers provides a valuable land/owner interface.

Group Mission Statement

To work collaboratively on shared opportunities and challenges to assist the positive growth and development of the apiculture industry in Taranaki.

​Strategic Initiatives

  • To foster economic development, added-value products, exports and jobs within the Taranaki region through the collective activities of the group.


  • Initiate regional projects to advance, promote and grow the Taranaki apiculture industry, commercial production of honey, bee products, and associated derivatives through e.g. local production and growth of the industry, R&D initiatives, pilot projects, promotion, education, collaborative export development initiatives, cost sharing etc.


  • Promote and educate stakeholders, farmers including landowners, about Taranaki-based honey/bee product companies and their capabilities. The purpose is to build awareness and foster greater utilisation of Taranaki-based companies, to maximise value-add within the Taranaki region.


  • To discuss and seek ways to mitigate industry risks and challenges which may impact regional industry and business growth. This may include activities which contravene industry standards and government regulations, the risks of disease, overstocking, theft, vandalism and the presence of unregistered hives. 


  • To advocate and adopt a regional leadership position on industry best practice.


  • To consider and strategize how Taranaki can capitalise on the present and future potential of the honey/bee products/apiculture industry to the benefit of the region.



As the regional development agency, Venture Taranaki provides facilitation services and point of contact for the Collective as one of its many initiatives to grow the Taranaki economy. The Trust, which is funded by the Councils in Taranaki and is the regional partner for Central Government, provides free confidential services to help new business start ups, the provision of capability and R&D grants, sector and regional strategy and economic information.  

Anne Probert at Venture Taranaki acts as the group's coordinator. If you would like to find out more please contact:

Key Industries

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